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ARX - Sixgate

by ARX
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The sheer amount of effects and signal processors required for today's standards of audio production puts a great strain on the available space in equipment racks, both in the studio and on the road.

So, in order to give engineers more control in less space, we've created the ARX Sixgate; Six full function noise gates neatly housed in a compact, all steel 1 RU package, without sacrificing features or quality.

Why Six gates?
Research shows that the majority of noise gates get used on drum kits, which means using typically 5 to 6 gate channels. Compare this to the two or maybe 4 channels that most other units have, and you'll see the reason for the Sixgate's success.
And, by using a minimalist approach to drum gates, the ARX 
Sixgate has enough gates left over for backing vocals and other instruments.

Industry Standard controls
On the brushed aluminium front panel the controls for each gate consist of the 'Industry Standard' controls for Release, Depth and Threshold, plus Red and Green LED displays to indicate Gate Open or Closed status, and an IN/OUT hardwire bypass switch with status LED.
In addition to this, each gate has a blank panel to write on for easy confirmation of gate assigns. No more pieces of masking tape stuck everywhere!

Ultra Low Noise
Internally, each gate has proprietary ARX ultra low noise high-speed opto-coupler circuitry with program dependent Attack time, which tracks the incoming signal to automatically determine optimum gate response.

Balanced Inputs and Outputs
The rear panel of the ARX Sixgate features true differential Balanced Inputs and Outputs for each gate, on insulated TipRingSleeve jack connectors.
Each gate channel also has Individual Key Inputs/Sidechain access insert points which can be used either for gate control by an external signal, or for frequency sensitive gating (when used in conjuction with an external equalizer such as the ARX EQ260).

Universal AC Power
AC power range on the Sixgate is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V, and is connected to the unit via a standard 3 pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage switch.

The ARX Sixgate's unique combination of High Density design, intuitive 'user friendly' controls, and clean uncluttered layout make it a truly useful audio tool for all applications.


Unique High Density design puts SIX gates in minimum rack space, with:

  • Fully updated circuitry and layout !
  • Fast, ultra low noise opto-coupler design
  • Intuitive, 'user friendly' layout
  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Sidechain/Key Input points on each channel
  • Hardwire Bypass switch and status LED on each gate
  • Flawless performance in any audio environment

Front Panel Controls

  • Individual Release, Depth and Threshold controls
  • Hardwire bypass IN/OUT switch with status LED
  • Open/Closed gate status LED
  • Marker panel for labelling gate assigns

Rear Panel

  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs, on Balanced jack connectors
  • Sidechain Insert/Key Input TipRingSleeve jack on each channel
  • AC input connector, with voltage switch and fuse


Input Impedance: Balanced 20 Kohms, Unbalanced 10 Kohms
Input Headroom: + 22 dB
CMRR: >60 dB, 20 Hz-20 KHz
Output Impedance: Balanced 300 ohms, Unbalanced 150 ohms
Output Level (Max): + 20 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz ±0.2dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: Gate Closed: -95 dB Unweighted, -105 dB 'A' weighted
Gate Open, Depth Minimum: -93.5 dB Unweighted -98dB 'A' weighted
Distortion: 0 .01% THD @ 0dB,1KHz
Dynamic Range: 125 dB
Attack Time: Program dependent using high-speed opto-couplers
Release Time: User variable
Input and Output Connector type: Balanced Jack
Sidechain Insert Connector: TipRingSleeve Jack
Sidechain Insert Impedance: 10 Kohm
Power Requirements: 100/120 V AC, 220/240 V AC
Weight:  5 lbs/2.2 Kg
Dimensions: 19"Wide x 13/4"High x 6"Deep; 482 x 44 x 155mm