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Livesound - GC6X10 - 6 x 10" Bass Guitar Cabinet Pre-Built


Livesound 6x10" Bass Guitar Cabinet. Ampeg SVT Style

Cabinet comes unloaded, I.E, no speakers. We can load any speaker you wish from our range of Celestion or Eminence Speakers.

Standard speakers for this cabinet are the Eminence Legend B810

All our Livesound Amp Head, Guitar & Bass Guitar Cabinets can be re-sized to your specs to suit your existing Amp Head or Cabinet. Just let us know what size your want at the checkout.


As standard, we offer all our cabinets as sealed cabinets in 18mm Radiata Plywood using glue & nail construction to ensure it can handle the abuse for touring musicians. 

To customize your cabinet, at the checkout please let us know what you would like from our range of Toxel VinylGrill ClothPipingCornersHandles. Depending on the level of "customization" you want there may be additions costs, I.E the Tolex, Grill Cloth or hardware you choose is more expensive that the standard offering.

Also, let us know if you want a Sealed (Standard), Open or 1/3rd open back cabinet.

Standard Specs:

Cabinet Type 6 x 10"
Cabinet Features Internal Bracing & Speaker Cabinet Wadding for dampening.
Material 18mm Plywood
Width 665mm
Depth 460mm
Height 955mm
Standard Tolex Plain color i.e Black Ampeg, Fender, Mesa Boogie etc.
Standard Grill Cloth Black, Heavy Duty. Fender And Marshall Etc. Style
Standard Hardware Color Black
Standard Handle Penn Elcom - H7151K
Standard Corners Front - Penn Elcom- C1819K, Back - Penn Elcom - C1823K
Standard Back Full Back - Sealed Cabinet
Feet Steel - Penn Elcom F0660
Wheels Penn Elcom - W0975/80
Connectors Neutrik - 1 x NL4MP 1 x NJ3FP6C-BAG mounted in Penn Elcom - D0604K Connector Dish
Internal Wiring Sommer Cable Twincord 2.5mm, wired to your required impedance.


DIY Kits are available also, We will cut your Cabinet & Baffle, Toxel VinylGrill ClothPiping, & supply all the necessary CornersHandles, hardware & screws for you to assemble this cabinet at home. All you will need is the Glue & Nails/Screws to assemble the cabinet, Some spray adhesive like 3M Supper 77 (Recommended), Ados F22 or similar available from Mitre 10 or Bunnings for the Tolex Vinyl & a staple gun for the Grill Cloth. If you want radius-ed edges you will also need a hand router.

We can send you instructions or walk you through how to go about this by request.