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ARX - Barmix

by ARX
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The ARX BarMIX is a unique ‘user-friendly’ Zoner/Mixer, enabling a choice of four stereo audio sources to be routed to each of two zones.

Intuitive Layout
The linear ergonomic flow of the front panel controls, coupled with the visual feedback of level settings and source selection makes using the BarMIX totally intuitive, even for casual staff with no prior experience.
Up to four stereo sources can be connected to the BarMIX, such as: Tape/cassette/DVD/CD decks, TV/Satellite/video audio, Juke Box/Karaoke systems. Interlocking switches for each source ensure that there is no risk of accidentally selecting two sources for the one zone.
Each switch has an associated status LED for easy at-a-glance confirmation of which program source is active, and numbered panels above each switch let you label each source.
The BarMIX has provision for connecting a microphone, to allow announcements to made in the zones. There is comprehensive 3 way EQ and an individual level control for the microphone on the front panel, as well as a Gain trim control on the rear.
Front panel switches turn the microphone on for each zone, and there is also provision to connect a push-to-talk signal for priority/evac override.

Control Options
Each of the two output zones has the option of being controlled Locally, ie from the control on the unit itself, or Remotely, with the optional BM-1 VCA Remote Level Control pack (See Right) Fitting this option will disable the front panel control
A front panel LED indicates if this option is fitted and active.

This is useful if the unit needs to be mounted some distance away from where it is likely to be controlled.
For example, the BarMIX unit may be installed alongside other audio equipment in an equipment room, while the Remote can be located somewhere convenient - behind the bar, for example.
From a security point of view, or where volume can be a neighbour problem, this option provides ultimate over-riding level control well out of the way of prying fingers!
From a security point of view, or where volume can be a neighbour problem, this option provides ultimate over-riding level control well out of the way of prying fingers!

Zone Setup
On the rear, each input source has a Left and Right phono (RCA type) input and an associated Gain trim control. This allows level matching of all four sources, so there is no need to reset the Zone output levels when switching between sources.
Each Zone has Left and Right Balanced XLR outputs, plus dual LED meters show output levels for each zone.

Universal AC Power
AC power is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V, and is connected to the unit via a removable power lead and standard 3 pin IEC connector, with built in fuse and voltage selection switch.

The intuitive layout and precise control offered by the ARX BarMIX make it the ideal choice for any Zone mixing installation application.


  • Unique ‘user-friendly’ Zoner/Mixer
  • Choice of four program sources to two zones
  • Comprehensive microphone control options
  • Local or Remote Master zone control
  • Mic and Zone EQ controls
  • Switchable voice override
  • Multiple stereo inputs; Balanced XLR outputs
  • Intuitive layout for non-technical operators

Input Impedance
Microphone 4 KOhms balanced, Line 100 KOhms unbalanced
Input Gain
Microphone Variable 20 dB to 60 dB with rear trim control, Line –10 to +10 dB
Output Level (Max) + 21dB
Signal to Noise ratio -90 dB ‘A’ weighted, all inputs @ unity,Master @ unity
Distortion @ Unity Gain Below .005% 100Hz to 10 KHZ
Dynamic Range 115 dB
Mic Channel EQ
Low 100Hz 15dBCut/Boost
Mid 800Hz 15dB Cut/Boost, Broad Q
High 10KHz 15dBCut/Boost
Zone EQ
Low 100Hz 10dBCut/Boost
High 10KHz 10dBCut/Boost
Level Control Infinity to +6dB Gain (0 to 11)

Push to Talk Connector
TRS jack socket, wired Tip and Ring shorted to Duck

Hi Z Input Connectors Phono (RCA type)
Balanced Output Connectors Male XLR: Pin 1 Ground, Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –
Frequency Response 20Hz—20KHz ±1dB
Power Requirements 100-120/220-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 8VA (8 watts) on 3 pin IEC connector
Weight 5 lbs/2.2 Kg
Dimensions 19"W x 1¾"H x 6"D, 482 x 44 x 155mm
BM-1 Remote Level Control DC controlled VCA kit disables front panel Level control. Wall plate connects to BarMIX via balanced cable with TRS jack connector. Use 1 per Zone