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Duratex - Texture Coatings For Speaker Cabinets

Duratex - Texture Coatings For Speaker Cabinets

For over 30 years we’ve been here in sunny South Florida. Also, we are near major shipping ports and truck line hubs to facilitate shipping to customers around the world. Our plant is complete with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to insure quality production on time for even the largest orders. We handle large, high volume production and special manufacturing challenges, but we still give personal attention to your orders. So, whether you are a seasoned applicator or a first time Do-It-Yourself-er, we want to ensure that every customer has a pleasant experience using our products.

Duratex Data Sheets:

Applying Duratex.    Storing Duratex.    Tiniting Duratex (Custom Colors).    Repainting Cabinets.