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There are many products on the market what could get more "intelligence" inside!

Optogates were developed in 1999. I work in the music business since 25 years and we served about 2000 concerts and other events with professional equipment during this time. We originally developed the Optogates for our own projects but quickly recognized the wider market potential. The circuitry was refined and the PB-05 was developed for local and export sale. 

The PB-06 followed shortly after following useful suggestions from clients. The company is small and prides itself on attentiveness to customer's needs. This is one reason that Optogate sales grow steadily at 30% per year. Another is the product itself, made to German levels of quality and performance. 

In June 2004 the PB-07 was released and the Optogate design and production has become a division within the company and thousands of units are in use around the world. 

In March 2007 we introduced the programmable mic table stand version PB-09. In June 2007 we got our first pick and place machine and changed from the pure thd pcb technology to a mixed smd - thd pcb technology. This technology results in better mechanical performance. In April 2009 we exhibited the new Mini Audio Lab at the Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt. The response was great due to the build in feedback ident function and other features. the Mic Lift v2 followed at the PLASA show in London. Some other useful devices were developed in 2010 and 2011. A second pick & place machine in 2011 enabled us a more flexible and faster production of our products. However, there are already about 4000 PB-05 wordwide "on the road". Due to the experience with these devices we were able to increase the quality of our products. The idea with the electronicbox devices came with my never ending "fun work" at my Shovelhead. Our customers have already installed a few hundred of these control devices in great custombikes within the last 2 years and they are very happy with it.

However, due to some new developments in the "new energy" field we installed a new department within of our company, the "SolarelectriX" area, where we publish some new and affordable products.