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Explorer Cases

Explorer Cases


Explorer Cases is a brand of GT LINE Srl, based in Bologna, Italy, recognized and valued internationally since 1970 as the European leader in technical cases manufacturing.

Our three strategically located manufacturing centers, as well as a worldwide network of distributors and dealers, make possible for our products to be easily available in every corner of the world.

Explorer Cases is a complete range of indestructible waterproof cases: the ideal solution to meet the needs of the most demanding users, in the extreme conditions. In fact, everyday thousands of professionals all over the world trust and rely on their Explorer Cases to protect the most valuable tools and equipments during their journeys.

You can find Explorer Cases in the nautical sector as in the avionics, for the transport of electronic, medical or military equipment, for the protection of sophisticated photographic equipment, for the secure housing of technical and sports gear and even in Hollywood and Bollywood in the making of the latest release.