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Electronic Repairs and Servicing

***We are currently unable to accept any jobs due to a high volume of demand***
For our regular contract & account holder customers, we are still available.

We repair and service almost all major brands of professional audio equipment.

Our technical staff have over 45 years’ experience in the Pro-Audio and domestic HiFi industry. We know how the gear works. We know how to fix it when it breaks down. What’s more, we have hands on experience working in the high pressure sound recording world, so we get the job done quickly, to a professional standard.  
We stock an extensive range of spare parts, from the common brands such as Pioneer, Technics, Behringer and Numark, to brands that can often be harder to find parts for like Carver and ARX

Please note to all enquiries about electronics repairs, we only repair PRO AUDIO equipment, no domestic Audio gear.  
We repair, service and provide spare parts for the following products:
  • DJ Mixers
  • CD Players (MP3/DJ/etc)
  • Technics Turntables
  • Amplifiers
  • Powered Speaker Boxes
  • Subwoofers
  • Passive Speaker Boxes and Crossovers
  • Mixing Consoles
  • Rack-mount and Outboard Effects
  • FX and Speaker Processors
  • MIDI Controllers & Surfaces
  • Headphones & Microphones
  • Guitar And Bass Repairs.
  • Foot pedals
  • And much more!
Where possible, we’ll save you money on replacement part costs by repairing your equipment to component level.

We are also the authorized repair agents for:

Behringer, Bugera, Clock Audio, Cloud, D&B, Audiotechnik, 
Denon Professional, Earthworks, EAW, InDesign, Inter-M, Jamo, Kali Audio, 
Klark Teknik, Kurzweil, Lake (Dolby Lake), Listen, Linea Research, Luxman, 
Meyer Sound, Midas, MiPro, Niles, Parallel Audio, Pliant Technologies, PowerSoft, 
Rane (Commercial), Sunfire, Symetrix, Tannoy, TC Electronic, 
TC Helicon, TOA, Turbosound, Univox



Why get my gear serviced when its working ok?
There are many good reasons to consider a regular service to your expensive equipment.  The foremost is to remove the build-up of dust, dirt & grime, through to attending to minor faults to ensure the maximum life of your gear.
As the electronics inside equipment is getting smaller and smaller these days, the effects of dust and corrosion is vastly more significant in terms of reliability and life expectancy of your gear.
Corrosion?  But my gear never gets wet...?!
You might be surprised.  Aside from the common alcoholic beverage spillage, dust build-up inside amplifiers and other electronics is the beginning.  A fine layer of dust on the electronics sucks the moisture from the humid air and cancerous corrosion begins.  In addition, dust reduces the efficiency of the cooling system, leading to hotter operation and hence accelerating the possibility of component failure.  Located near the sea?  Salt air makes this problem even worse.
Ok, so how often should I get it serviced?
As a rule of thumb, an annual service is a great idea. However, if the environment is especially dusty then a more frequent cycle of servicing is recommended.  Take a few minutes to visually inspect your equipment, paying close attention to fan grilles and cooling vents. If you can see dust accumulating there, you can be pretty sure there will be plenty more inside.
How about just blowing it out with compressed air through the fan hole?
Sure, that removes a lot of it, but it is surprisingly easy to burn out the fan bearing if you let it spin freely with compressed air.  For a thorough clean, we dismantle the equipment and get right into the nooks and crannies where it lingers and festers.
What other issues are there? What about bacteria? Cockroaches? Grease? Fog machines?
Amplifiers make fantastic breeding grounds for bacteria and cockroaches... they offer a warm environment and the dust blanket offers a great place to breed.  Cooling fans suck in grease and other particles which stick to the accumulated dust layer, and then assist in spewing the bugs and grime back out into your venue.
Resist the thought of spraying anything into your gear, at best you'll damage it or even start corrosion... worst case you might electrocute yourself or someone you love!
Fog juice is another common source of problems, the smoke is sucked in and can start to pool inside.  If enough of it accumulates, it can start to “burn up” inside, triggered by the heat and high voltages present.  Smoke juice makes a mess, damages parts, and frequently leads to equipment failure.  

How do I deal with this?
The answer, to get the gear professionally serviced and cleaned.  By arrangement, we can turn this type of repair around quick-smart so you can get it reinstalled when you reopen your venue next. 
And don't forget to move your smoke/fog machine away from your electronic gear!
How much will it cost?

We need to see it FIRST!!! Otherwise we are just guessing.
Due to the nature of repairing equipment, it is impossible to know what has happened or is wrong with your gear without personally looking at it. Generally speaking we need to either put it on a test bench or open it up to investigate the problem.


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