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The Livesound Roadcase Company has been manufacturing custom built cases for over 30 years.
Many of the cases built way back then are still in regular use today.
Our strength lies in our ability to supply you with a quality New Zealand made customized cases built to your specifications.
Unlike the majority of our competitors who can only supply a stock Chinese manufactured case.

Over the years Livesound has accumulated many designs for cases we have built.
Our CNC manufacturing process enables us to access the files and manufacture to the exact size and specifications every time.
We have a large standard range of cases from 19” rack style cases to guitar, keyboard cases etc.
Some industries have exceptional specific requirements.
We have had many years of experience manufacturing cases for:
Broadcast [Television Radio], Telecommunications, Armed forces, Medical, Security Companies, Sports Teams, Exhibition/Trade Shows,
Computers, Firearms, Trophy’s/Awards, Film and Video, Test and measurement equipment, Music, Audio, Lighting

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