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Koing and Meyer Microphone and Speaker Stands

Pro Audio & Multi Media Stands, Speaker Stands

Shop our selection of pro audio, multi media and speaker stands from the leading pro audio specialist, Konig & Meyer.

We have a large range of pro audio stands, including microphone, lighting and speaker stands. As well as speaker, TV, screen and multi-media device wall mounts.

Whether you’re looking for a basic or bespoke setup, we have the top brands for your pro audio equipment.

If you need help with speaker stands or your pro audio set up, please get in contact with us.


Speaker stands are an essential piece of equipment for any music enthusiast, audiophile or professional audio set-up. They are designed to elevate your speakers to the optimal listening height and angle, allowing you to achieve the best possible sound quality and clarity.

 Our collection of speaker stands features a wide variety of designs and materials, including heavy-duty steel or aluminium. These stands are built to withstand the weight and vibration of even the largest speakers, ensuring stability and security at all times.

 Our collection includes floor standing studio monitor speaker stands, perfect for large home theatre systems or for use in professional audio settings, also bookshelf/desktop speaker stands, ideal for small to medium-sized rooms or for use in a home office or study.

We also have a complete range or Pro Audio speaker stands for live events & productions.

 All our speaker stands ensure a stable and secure footing on any surface. Additionally, some of our stands include cable management systems that help to keep your audio cables neat and organised, providing a clean and professional look.

 In our collection, you will find speaker stands that are designed to complement any speaker and décor, whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or a more traditional aesthetic. Our stands are easy to assemble and adjust, making them perfect for any music lover or audio professional looking to improve the sound quality of their set-up.