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Eminence Tone Guide

Guitar Speaker Tonal Characteristics and Application Guide
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Eminence Guitar Speakers Rock!
Eminence strives to be the cutting edge in guitar speaker manufacturing. We work diligently to provide tools, which we hope will help you pick your sound. This page is dedicated to sound clips. It is a collaboration of our endorsing artists’ talents in many different styles through our wide selection of guitar speakers.
In creating these sound clips, we experimented with different microphones, their placement, and using some in tandem. We also experimented with various recording and playback methods to find the most accurate representation of how each speaker sounds. We used an A/B switch to compare the amp and guitar speakers versus the recording through a monitoring system. We then made our decisions based on what we heard.
The equipment we decided on for recording was a Shure Beta 87A condenser microphone with placement at 4.5” from the center of the speakers. The amplifier was a Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 Twin Reverb. We used input 1 on the Normal channel with the bright switch off and all knobs at 12 o’clock. Each speaker was installed in a 1.45 cu. ft. sealed enclosure with exception to the FDM models with the built-in attenuator feature (ReignMaker and Maverick). For the FDM’s, we used a 2×12 open back cabinet. Our recording software was Logic Pro. The monitoring system was an HT805 SLS Audio studio monitor, a Yamaha MG166C mixer, and a Crown XTi amplifier.
For best comparison results, it is highly recommended to use high quality headphones or connect your computer to an external sound system.



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