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Information on EU Construction Products Regulation 305/2011:

The EU Construction Products Regulation is the latest directive which since 2017 has harmonized the reaction to fire of construction products that are permanently installed in buildings and have an impact on the building's performance. There are seven Euroclasses, Aca to Fca , to subdivide the flame spread and heat development, whereby cables with functional endurance are not subject to the CPR requirements.

The former regulations of the FRNC classes and test procedures are therefore outdated, which does not mean that the FRNC specifications like self-extinguishing/flame retardant properties specified by us so far have thus changed. Unless otherwise specified in our offers and shipping documents, our cables are classified into the Euroclass Fca. Higher ratings of some cables like e. g. certain data or control cables, which are mainly used in building installation, are rated with their respective classes.

Unfortunately every higher classification entails substantial test and certification fees per cable, which is why we, on our part, do not automatically classify each installation line anew to keep your prices stable. Upon request, we will gladly put you in touch with qualified laboratories.