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Sommer Cable - Audio, Video, Broadcast and Multimedia Cable

SOMMERCABLE Germany was founded in 1999 by classical musician and innovative entrepreneur Friedhelm Sommer and CEO/fellow musician Rainer Blanck

Together with cable engineering leader Pascal Miguet, they built Sommer cable into a thriving development and manufacturing company with a catalog of over 12000 products for the A/V installation, pro-audio, broadcast, video, music, IT and HiFi market, with business partners in over 50 countries.

Over the years, audio products have become more complex and sound reproduction has improved considerably. This doesn‘t make things easier for cable manufacturers. Cables are no longer only important for esoteric sound purists and dreamers, but also for the manufacturers of instruments, as well as studio and media equipment. By now, even the hobbyist is able to recognize improvements in sound quality and must no longer rely on second guessing, imagination and subjective judgments.

For cable manufacturers like us, this represents an important challenge, because all of a sudden “technical specs“ have become audible, and of course can be verified by the discerning listener and engineer. For a company like SOMMERCABLE, this is a quite a lucky break, because all of our customers recognise and honour good quality products.


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Data/CAT Cable   Hybrid/Combi Cable
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