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ARX - Remote Selector - Remote A/B Selector DC Controlled

by ARX
SKU Remote Selector

Remote Selector

The simplest ideas are usually the best! ARX's new Remote Selector is a stereo out signal selector for the extremely popular Audibox range.

The new Remote Selector silently switches a stereo pair of XLR female input connectors to either A or B pairs of male XLR outputs

ARX ‘SoftSwitch’ technology achieves this with no loud bangs through the audio system when switching.

Output Channel control can be selected in 2 ways:

Mode 1 by remote switch / relay closure (using an external power pack / wall wart), or

Mode 2 by 12 - 24VDC

With no DC voltage applied, Output A, the default normal audio signal, is selected.

When +12 – 24VDC is applied to Pins 3 and 4 on the Dinkle type connector, then Output B is selected.

Typical applications include remote controlled zoning, loudspeaker selection, and A-B comparison of audio units.
Another useful application is remotely switching between 2 bands, or Live Band and DJ when both are using different Speaker system.

Note - Connectors are inserted in the top of the unit. Please allow adequate space above the Remote Selector to allow for the connectors to be removed or inserted.


Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50KHz + - 0.5dB
Power Requirements: DC Input +12 – 24 VDC Connector 2.5mm center pin
Remote Switch and External Input:

4 Pin Dinkle type socket, 5mm pin spacing. Connector supplied with unit

Pin 1 and 2 Remote Switch – Open Input = Channel A selected, Closed Input = Channel B selected.

Pin 3 and 4 Remote DC control – Pin 3 +12 - 24VDC Pin 4 0VDC / Gnd

Input Connectors: Female XLR, Wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold
Output Connectors A and B: Male XLR, Wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold
Chassis Ground/Earth: Via Pin 1's on Left Channels
Construction: All-steel polyurethane coated chassis, fibreglass PCB