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Celestion - PULSEXL 12.20

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PULSE XL is a new range of bass guitar speakers engineered with a deep reaching
frequency response for a full and round low-end. Punchy and responsive they?re
sophisticated enough to articulate the smoother

sounds, but versatile enough to bring a bold- faced swagger for the times when you need to stand up, dial it up and roar.

PULSE XL speakers feature long voice coils for a deeper bass sound and greater clarity, wound with round copper for just the right amount of treble, formed on heat retardant polyimide for all the power handling you could possibly need.
Hard-felt dustcaps smooth out excessive cone distortion, so the low end stays deep and warm and the treble is always clean and precise. Each speaker features a multi-roll surround, which allows for plenty of cone excursion (throw) and gives a satisfying growl when you dig in and play loud.

General Specifications
Nominal diameter 12" / 305mmmm
Power rating 500W
Nominal impedance 8?
Chassis type Pressed steel
Voice coil diameter 2" / 50mm
Voice coil material Round copper
Magnet type Ferrite
Magnet Weight 0.94Kg
Former Material Polyimide
Surround Cloth-sealed, Triple roll
Frequency range 35 - 2200Hz

Mounting Information

Cut-out diameter 11.08" / 281.4mm
Diameter 12.26" / 311.4mm
Gasket Front & Rear Mount
Mounting slot dimensions 0.25" / 6.4mm
Mounting slot PCD
11.7" / 297.5mm
Number of mounting slots 8
Overall depth 5.3" / 135mm
Unit weight 9lb / 4.1Kg