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Grill Cloth - Black/Silver. Ampeg, Fender & Marshal Type


Grill Cloth - Black/Silver, Heavy Duty. Ampeg, Fender & Marshal Type.

Genuine Mellotone grill cloth.

Sold by the yard. If 2 yards or more are ordered, we will ship as one piece.

Color Black With Silver
Cabinet Brand Ampeg
Size 910mm x 910mm (36" x 36")
Roll Width 910mm (36")
Material Poly strand fabric.


Since each monitor has different settings and photographs may have been taken with different lighting some small variations in colour may be observed. Mellotone fabrics assure these advantages:

Unobstructed, distortion-free passage of sound. Dust-resistant/mildew-proof Minimal fading

Easy cleaning with vacuum or damp cloth High tensile strength of individual fabric that will not sag or buckle when properly installed.

Please note:?Because grill cloth/tolex needs to be cut, we cannot accept any returns on these items.