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Intusonic - IntuPak JUP2 - Rackmount Bracket.


The INTUPAK? JUP2 is the flexible solution for rack-mounting any INTUSONIC? product in the 140mm and 180mm semi-rack format into a full 19?? rack space. Allowing to combine a multitude of the same or different units, it minimizes space consumption and maximizes functional versatility. Made from steel with durable coating, the U-shaped structure provides both elegance and stability. Each unit is mounted separately by its own included rack bracket set (unit bracket sets not included). The JUP2 comes with one blank panel which can be mounted if one of the spaces is left unused; all required screws for securely mounting the two semi-rack format units are inclued as well. The JUP2 matches current INTUSONIC products like the 2SDL70 compact power amplifer,the VLA42 volume control node and other upcoming products in the semi-rack format.


  • Dual-bay rack-mounting panel
  • Compatible with 140mm and 180mm products
  • U-shaped structure from zinc-plated steel
  • Screws included


  • Mounting bays: 2
  • Bay size: 140/180mm
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 482.6x25x44mm
  • Weight: 0.23 kg