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Penn Elcom - 7125-M8 - Series 7 Pallet Cushions.

SKU 7125-M8

Series 7 Air-Dampened Pallet Cushions.

Cushion Height: 2-7/8" / 73mm
Cushion + Spacer = 4? / 102mm

Use Spacer 7228

Our Pallet Cushions are the most economical and reliable way to replace and upgrade wooden skid runners on pallet crates, eliminating the need for costly air-ride trucks, these air-dampened polyethylene cushions are easily attached to pallets or crates to provide a high level of protection from shock and vibration.
Don?t risk shipment damage by shocks, drops, and impact during transit or handling.

Easy to Install
The pre-installed t-nut, with a 5/16?-18 UNC thread, protrudes out of the cushions for easy location into the mounting hole and fast installation. (Also available with an M8 threaded t-nut or without t-nut)
The pallet cushions are mounted directly on a pallet or container base with a simple bolt.

The pallet cushions can be easily removed and mounted again on another pallet.
Simple and Practical
Our Series 7 Pallet Cushions, once fitted with the 7228 Spacer, create a four-way 4? space under the pallet, which makes it easy to load and unload with a pallet jack and forklift.

Textured Finish
The Series 7 Pallet Cushions has a textured finish for a better grip.

Resistant and Durable
Our Pallet Cushions have been through rigorous stress tests. They can be dragged on concrete and joints for 3000 feet, at maximum load, with only minimal wear noted. Suitable for use between -104?F and +130?F (-40?C to + 54?C) and chemical resistant.

Independent Test Reports  MSDS for Cushions  MSDS for Raw Material

Part No. Finish Load Capacity Fixing Weight
7035-M8 Tan 9.1 - 15.9 Kg M8 0.11 Kg
7050-M8 Green 13.6 - 22.7 Kg M8 0.13 Kg
7080-M8 Yellow 20.4 - 36.3 Kg M8 0.16 Kg
7125-M8 Blue 31.8 - 56.7 Kg M8 0.19 Kg
7225-M8 Orange 56.7 - 102 Kg M8 0.24 Kg