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Penn Elcom - FT80-Q-FC - Flight Case Exhaust Unit

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Penn Elcom brings you a new and quiet exhaust fan unit for flight case racking that is mounted into a Penn Elcom large dish for your convenience.

The?FT80-Q-FC?regulates the enclosure?s temperature by expelling hot air, preventing thermal failure. Thermal failure is caused by many generic in-board fans that simply circulate hot air within the enclosure rather than expelling it.

- Low noise level 22.5dBA (0.3 sone)
- 28CFM (47.6m?/h) at 2000 RPM
- High static pressure
- 1 x 9 bladed 80mm / 3.15" fan
- 12V DC - 200mA
- 2 x DC in/out sockets
- Temperature sensor socket
- 500mA universal PSU supplied
- Combined weight of 400g / 0.88Lb
- Fluid bearings = 2 year limited warrantee

A second unit can also be run from the 500mA power supply by using a?CRC-LINK?cable.

Thermal sensor accessory included, the?CRC-TEMP?can be Plugged into the TEMP socket.