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Penn Elcom - RCXX600 Series Contractor Flat Pack Rack System Doors.


Locking front doors for the contractor rack series are available in smoked grey polycarbonate or vented steel.

Product comes fully assembled with barrel locks and 2 keys, and can be retrofitted after installation.

Replacement keys are available as they are all keyed alike.

Contractor Smoked Polycarbonate Doors:

Part No. Finish Size (U)
PGRD06C Black 6U
PGRD08C Black 8U
PGRD12C Black 12U
PGRD16C Black 16U
PGRD20C Black 20U
PGRD24C Black 24U
PGRD28C Black 28U
PGRD32C Black 32U
PGRD35C Black 35U

Contractor Vented Doors:

Part No. Finish Size (U)
RD06C Black 6U
RD08C Black 8U
RD12C Black 12U
RD16C Black 16U
RD20C Black 20U
RD24C Black 24U
RD28C Black 28U
RD32C Black 32U
RD35C Black 35U