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Sommer Cable - Elephant SPM440 - 4 Core X 4mm

SKU 490-0051-440

***Price Is Per Meter***

Especially for the tough stage routine...

We have reworked the jacket stability of the 4.0 mm?? (0.006 sq in.)ELEPHANTseries. In addition it is flexible, robust, tread-resistant, easy to reel and always reusable, the jacket surface is now smoother and therefore easier to clean. Especially for the common speaker multipins (CA-COM 8-pole, NL8, LKS19, EP5) we have adapted the outer diameters so that they can be assembled with relatively little effort.


  • Loss-free transmission due to the special litz stranding technology
  • Highly flexible and stage-proof, easy to reel
  • Compatible with CA-COM 8-pin, NL8, LKS19, and EP5 connectors
  • Easy to use due to well-insulated, numbered wires


  • Professional PA systems


Article number 490-0051-440
Name Elephant Robust SPM440
EAN 4049371002240
Properties Analog
Properties OFC oxygen free copper
Application area Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application area ELA 100 V
Application area Stage / live
Application area Installation
Application area Studio / Broadcast
Application Speaker Cable
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Construction (4LIY4,0mm??)Y
Jacket material PVC
Jacket ?? [mm] 11,00
Number of Channels (audio) 1
Inner conductor (audio) 4
Inner conductor (audio) [mm??] 4,00
Inner conductor ?? (audio) [mm] 2,26
AWG (audio) 11
Copper strands (audio) 224
Copper strand ?? (audio) [mm] 0,15
Conductor insulation ?? [mm] 3,75
Weight per 1 m [g] 246
UV-resistant yes
Fire load per m [kWh] 0,85
Style variant round
Packing bulk stock
Temperature min. [??C] -25
Temperature max. [??C] 70
Width [mm] 11
Height [mm] 11
Insulation resist. per 1 km [G??] 0,005
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [G??] 0,0015
Insulation resist. per 1 km (audio) [G??] 0,005
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (audio) [G??] 0,0015
Conductor resistance per 1 km [??] 4,5
Conductor resistance per 1000 ft. [??] 1,3716
Test voltage [V] 2000
BPVo-Euroclass Fca