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Sommer Cable - Isopod So-F22 - Orange

SKU 200-0405
***Price Is Per Meter***

The memory cable...

Will get things in order. In switching cabinets and racks it often looks like on grandma's knitting pattern. Tidiness is indispensable. The??SC-Isopod SO-F22??is a 2-wire, foil-shielded cable with a compact outer diameter of 3,30 mm. The cable is primarily used for the internal wiring in audio and hi-fi components. It has a ???memory effect??? and can be laid ???around the corner??? easily. The Cu wires of the individual wire pairs are already pre-stranded and very easy to strip. For a simpler assembly, the cable has an additional pre-stranded, tin-plated drain wire. It is shielded by an AL/PT foil that will automatically stick on the jacket when stripping it.


  • Quick and easy to handle
  • Robust plastic jacket for long life
  • Easy to lay thanks to ???memory effect???


  • Internal wiring of racks, audio and hifi components


Article number 200-0405
Name SC-Isopod SO-F22
EAN 4049371004534
Properties OFC oxygen free copper
Properties Analog
Application area Installation
Application Patch cable
Colour orange
Colour detailed orange
Signal transmission symmetrical
Construction (2LI2Y0,22mm??)(ST)Y
Jacket material PVC
Jacket ?? [mm] 3,30
Number of Channels (audio) 1
Inner conductor (audio) 2
Inner conductor (audio) [mm??] 0,22
Inner conductor ?? (audio) [mm] 0,53
AWG (audio) 24
Shielding AL / PT foil + AL / PT foil + filler strand, tin-plated
Shielding factor [%] 100
Copper strands (audio) 7
Copper strand ?? (audio) [mm] 0,20
Conductor insulation material PE
Conductor insulation ?? [mm] 1,12
Weight per 1 m [g] 16
Fire load per m [kWh] 0,05
Style variant round
Packing 200 m spool
Temperature min. [??C] -25
Temperature max. [??C] 70
Width [mm] 3,3
Height [mm] 3,3
Capac. cond./cond. per 1 m (audio) [pF] 74
Capacity wire/wire at 1 ft. (audio) [pF] 22,5552
Capac. cond./shield. per 1 m (audio) [pF] 143
Capacity wire/electic screen at 1 ft. (audio) [pF] 43,5864
Insulation resist. per 1 km [G??] 0,2
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [G??] 0,061
Insulation resist. per 1 km (audio) [G??] 0,2
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (audio) [G??] 0,061
Conductor resistance per 1 km [??] 88
Conductor resistance per 1000 ft. [??] 26,8224
Shield. resistance per 1 km [??] 75
Shield. resistance per 1000 ft. [??] 22,86
BPVo-Euroclass Fca