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Cable Techniques - Low Profile Connectors

Cable Techniques - Low Profile Connectors

We a proud to announce Livesound is now the distributor for Cable Techniques Low Profile connectors.

Cable Techniques is your complete source for premium quality Low-Profile Right-Angle XLR and TA "Mini-XLR" connectors! Interconnect cables with Low-Profile connectors considerably reduce the weight of your rig and allow for beautifully organized setups. Premium quality, efficient, rock-solid durable and ADJUSTABLE that can be assembled "DIY" as easy as standard connectors and repaired on the fly. Our LoPro connectors eliminate the need for the massive modification process of cutting down and drilling standard connectors.

XLR Connectors:

We offer 3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin Male & Female XLR connectors. You can set and adjust the cable outlet position of the XLR caps placed on either side of the set-screws with a 120° swing adjust. Cable outlet orientation fine-tuning is quick & easy. Our custom caps are injection moulded of ABS thermoplastic for maximum impact resistance and toughness and locked into place with stainless steel set-screws. The shells are a custom precision cast with a matte non-reflective black finish and gold contact pins.

LPS Series TA "Mini XLR" Connectors:

We offer 3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin Male & Female "Mini XLR" connectors. Our LPS Series TA connectors have color ABS caps with adjustable outlet angles just like the XLR's via stainless steel set-screws and allow fine-tuning for your exact preference. LPS connectors can be color-coded by caps or with color ID polydomes while fixed outlet version use only color polydomes.

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