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Quest MX Series Weatherproof Speakers

Quest MX Series Weatherproof Speakers

Quest MX Series Weatherproof Speakers.

Not just another new speaker range, the MX Series is a system of audio building blocks that allows architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio presence, without compromising on aesthetics. The range is based around a 6” or 8”, two-way, full range, wall or ceiling mountable loudspeaker and can be augmented with a very compact subwoofer system. Ceiling speaker versions are also available. The Ultra-compact MX601 and MX801 loudspeakers are very low profile and feature Hi-Fi quality audio reproduction, withstand direct all-weather environments, and include an installation friendly mounting system that is both elegant and practical.

Revealing Details:
The objective for the Engineers of the MX Series Indoor/Outdoor line-up was to take the compact wall mount speaker to a new standard of performance. This meant consulting with a wide range of venue and public space designers to determine what is needed in a modern designed architectural space. To achieve the desired outcomes a completely new approach to the design was required, both technically for the audio performance, and in developing new manufacturing techniques. The result is a refined appearance that fits visually into any environment, reproduces Hi-Fi quality music and speech; and is easy to install.

The MX Series are small in size considering the SPL output and frequency response they are capable of delivering.  The housings are shaped and finished to reflect light in a way that helps them blend in visually with modern architectural styles.

To achieve the very small physical size, a completely new type of woofer design was required. A conventional woofer would not fit in the intended space or deliver the bass response required in a sealed enclosure. Quest has designed a new type of driver and also incorporated a passive resonance circuit that simulates the action of a reflex port. This means an 8” driver can function at full capacity within a cabinet space that would normally be suited for a 6” driver. As a result of this, and the sealed enclosure design, the MX Series can be environmentally rated up to IP67.  For use outdoor installation, addition of the optional IPMX1 kit for electrical connection weather protection is recommended. This IP rating opens up new avenues for system design and placement – the opportunities are endless.

The MX Series is available in black (MX601 / MX801) or white (MX601W / MX801W) finished in clear low sheen finish.

Q-Mount UB1 Mounting System:

Wall mounting is made easy with the patented Q-Mount UB1 wall mounting system. The UB1 included with both the MX601 and MX801 is a pan/tilt system that is based around a ’10 degree locking ball and socket’ joint. This allows for precise directivity control at uniform angles. The locking mechanism requires no tools and is high strength with no capacity to slip over time. The combination of the parallel terminal plug on the MX Series and the “aim and clamp” bracket design means that installation takes minimal time.

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