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Microphone Stand

The Perfect Harmony: Microphone Stands at LiveSound

If there's one thing we at LiveSound understand, it's that exceptional sound isn't just about the sound system or the microphone alone. The unsung hero of a perfect audio setup is often overlooked – the microphone stand. With our extensive experience spanning over three decades, we're here to share the significance of microphone stands and guide you in finding the perfect one that suits your needs.

Microphone stands may seem like simple, straightforward pieces of equipment, but they are pivotal in determining the overall sound quality. They offer stability, versatility, and convenience, allowing performers, sound engineers, and audiophiles to focus solely on creating and enjoying the perfect sound.

The Right Stand for Your Mic

When choosing a microphone stand, several factors come into play. The type of microphone, the environment, and the specific use case are just a few. At LiveSound, we offer a variety of microphone stands, from the sturdy tripod stands for studio use, boom stands for hard-to-reach angles, to round base stands for when portability is key.

Ensuring Stability with Quality Stands

Stability is one of the core features of a good microphone stand. With a secure stand, you don't have to worry about unwanted noise due to wobbling or falls, ensuring a clean, clear audio output. Our stands are made from durable materials that provide the robustness you need, whether you're performing in front of a crowd or recording in a studio.

Versatility for All Situations

From the live stage to the recording studio, and even home setups, microphone stands need to be versatile. Our catalogue boasts a range of stands that cater to various needs. Adjustable height, angle flexibility, and clip-on options – these are just a few of the features that make our stands adaptable to any sound environment.

Convenience for Smooth Operations

At LiveSound, we believe that equipment should facilitate creativity, not hinder it. Therefore, we ensure our stands are user-friendly and easy to assemble, so you can focus on your performance or recording, not on wrestling with your gear.

The LiveSound Assurance

For over 30 years, LiveSound has been committed to bringing New Zealand the best sound equipment available. Our microphone stands are no exception. When you choose LiveSound, you're choosing quality, durability, and expertise that only decades in the business can provide.

To all the performers, sound engineers, and audiophiles out there – if sound quality is your priority, consider giving your microphone a deserving partner. A stand that not only holds your microphone but enhances your overall sound experience.

We invite you to explore our range of microphone stands and experience the difference a quality stand can make.

Feel the need to upgrade your sound setup with a top-notch microphone stand? Let us guide you through your journey to exceptional sound. Visit our website today, explore our wide variety of equipment, and elevate your sound experiences like never before. Remember, your sound is our business at LiveSound.

Experience the LiveSound difference, because at LiveSound, quality sounds better.

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