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Speaker Stand

Amplifying the Audio Experience: Speaker Stands from LiveSound

In the realm of sound, the subtle nuances can often make the most significant differences. From the perfect audio equipment to the ideal acoustic setup, every detail contributes to the overall experience. At LiveSound, we've made it our mission for the last 30 years to curate and deliver exceptional sound experiences to New Zealand. Today, we're focusing on a crucial yet frequently overlooked element in the audio journey – the speaker stand.

Speaker stands play an essential role in an audio setup. Far from being just a supportive structure, they enhance the sound quality, provide optimal positioning, and significantly contribute to the aesthetic of your sound system.

The Height of Sound Quality: Optimal Positioning

Speaker stands provide the ability to position your speakers for optimal sound quality. They allow you to place speakers at ear-level for seated listeners, a factor that can dramatically enhance sound clarity and focus. They also enable you to adjust the distance of the speakers from walls or corners, helping to avoid unwanted sound reflections.

Vibrations Begone: Stability and Sound Clarity

Speaker stands offer a stable and firm platform for your speakers, minimizing vibrations caused by the speakers' movement. By reducing these vibrations, the speaker stands provide cleaner, clearer audio output, ensuring you only hear the sound you want to hear. At LiveSound, our speaker stands are engineered with robust materials and design to offer the stability that truly lets your speakers shine.

Sight and Sound: Enhancing Aesthetics

Beyond enhancing sound quality, speaker stands are also a way to showcase your speakers in style. They can elevate the look of your audio setup, complementing your room's decor. Whether you're into a minimalist, modern aesthetic or a more classic, vintage style, we have an assortment of stands that are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the ears.

Tailored to Your Needs: Diverse Speaker Stands

No two sound systems are alike. Depending on whether you're a professional sound engineer working in a studio, an audiophile curating a home sound system, or a business setting up a public address system, your speaker stand needs will vary. LiveSound offers a diverse range of speaker stands - adjustable stands for varied speaker sizes and weights, fixed-height stands for specific acoustic setups, stands with different footprints for space considerations, and more. We're committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your unique needs.

Experience the LiveSound Promise

At LiveSound, we understand the passion for exceptional audio. Our mission has been to bring the finest sound experiences to New Zealand for over three decades, and we stand by the quality and performance of our products. When you choose our speaker stands, you're not just getting a functional piece of equipment; you're getting a promise of durability, style, and most importantly, outstanding audio enhancement.

We invite all sound engineers, music lovers, and audiophiles to take their audio experiences to new heights. A high-quality speaker deserves a stand that can truly showcase its potential. At LiveSound, we're here to help you discover that perfect combination.

Explore our range of speaker stands today and elevate your sound like never before. Visit our website and start your journey towards unparalleled sound experiences. At LiveSound, your sound is our passion.

Experience the LiveSound difference, where the magic of sound comes to life.

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