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Cable Techniques - Low Profile Right Angle Mini XLR - 4 Pin Female.

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LPS Series Low-Profile Right Angle TA4F "Mini XLR" 4-pin Female Connector, Adjustable Left or Right 90° Side-exit, Ideal for specialty cabling with TA4's and Lavalier Microphones into Shure wireless transmitters.

Using the same concept as our LoPro XLR connectors, mini set-screws lock down the color cap securely and allow for degree of outlet adjustment. The cable outlet can be set to either Left or Right with 60° adjustment range for maximum flexibility.

Two Cap Versions: Standard cap accepts cable diameters up to 3.2mm and the new Large cap accepts cables up to 5.0mm. The Large cap version is perfect for DC Power cables for Sound Devices Scorpio, 888 and 833.

Available standard with a Black cap but can be color-coded with a choice of 9 other color caps or with a our Color Polydomes - sold separately. Compatible with popular slim cable models such as Belden 1804A, Mogami W2929 and Sommer Cable Cicada 4

Fits most Lavalier cables from DPA, Sanken, Voice Technologies, Countryman, Sennheiser and more.


Cable Outlet: +/- 3.2mm or 5.0mm
Low-Profile Right Angle
Angle Adjust: 60° to 120° and 240° to 300°
Weight: 0.4 oz
Dimensions: 10mm x 25mm
Black shell
Gold Contacts
Grub Screw Hex Head Size: 0.9mm