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Duratex - Roller Grade - White

by Duratex
SKU DuratexRGW

Speaker Cabinet Coating DuraTex Roller Grade: White

Size?- 1 Gallon (3.78 Litres)

DuraTex is America's #1 Speaker Cabinet Coating designed to provide beauty and protection to wood speaker cabinets and road cases. It's a "superior performance" Texture Coating that's easy to apply, beautiful and tough.

DuraTex has tremendous adhesion to wood and other substrates. It rolls on easily with our special texture roller to create a tough, beautiful, weather resistant and easily maintained texture surface.

DuraTex is a blend of highly technical polymers, and special LOW V.O.C coalescents for creating beautiful high relief, durable textures. DuraTex requires no special primers because it's self priming.

Want to test drive this product before purchasing??Check out our?DuraTex Trial Size Kit?that will give you enough DuraTex to coat a couple 12" speaker cabs.