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Eminence - H295 - Constant Directivity Horn Flare.


1" CD Horn 90x40° - 305 x 152 mm
The specially developed bi-radial and CD horns are characterized by their particularly precise radiation characteristics. The Adam Hall horns are made of high-quality plastic polyamide PA 6.6, which has excellent acoustic properties Properties guaranteed with optimal mechanical stability.The two-part construction (horn body and 6-fold screwed flange) further reinforces the critical flange/horn transition.WxHxD


Type Constant Directivity
Throat Size 1", 25.4mm
Dispersion 90 x 40
Low Rec. Crossover 1 kHz
WxHxD (in) 4.49" x 7.55" x 3.18"
WxHxD (mm) 305mm x 152mm x 101mm
Cut Out 265 x 100mm
Weight 0.56g
Material ABS