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Neutrik - NBB75DFIX - Isolated UHD BNC chassis connector, feedthrough in antraloy plated D-shape housing.

by Neutrik

Isolated UHD BNC chassis connector, feedthrough in antraloy plated D-shape housing

Neutrik's UHD BNC chassis connectors offer low return loss values at high frequencies specific for high resolution video signal transmission. The machined brass connector body provides an extremely rugged and non-abrasive connection over long term use and is in addition recessed and therefore well protected in a D-shape housing.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized gold plated cage type center contact for UHD signals as 4K or 8K
  • Swiss antraloy plating
  • Isolated panel mount
  • Standard D-shape housing provides flush mounting and protection from damage
  • Color coding possible
  • Fully compatible with conventional BNC cable connectors

Optimized Return Loss

Due to optimized insulator design the Neutrik rearTWIST UHD BNC chassis connector achieves increased headroom compared to conventional BNC connectors and offers additional return loss reserve for potential impedance deviations resulting from cable bending, incorrect connector assembly or faulty connection interfaces without signal interruption. For more details see Neutrik UHD BNC White Paper.

New cage type contact

  • Closed contact design - extremely robust
  • Gold plated cage type clip - best possible shielding and lowest contact resistance

Technical Information

Connection Type BNC 75 ?
Gender female
Contact resistance ? 3 m? (inner)
Contact resistance ? 2 m? (outer)
Dielectric strength 1.5 kVdc
Impedance 75 ?
Insulation resistance > 5 G?
Rated voltage < 50 V
VSWR ?1.06 / >30 dB up to 6 GHz
?1.13 / >24 dB up to 12 GHz
?1.22 / >20 dB up to 18 Ghz
Signal type UHD, SDI, Video, AES/EBU, Composit, YUV, RGB, RGBH, RGBHV
Insertion force < 25 N
Lifetime > 1000 mating cycles
Mounting direction Front mounting
Chassis shape D
Contacts Brass (CuZn35Pb2), 0.2 ?m AuCo (center contact)
Insert PTFE
Shell Polyacetal (POM) (insulation shell)
Shell plating Antraloy
D-shape housing Zinc diecast (ZnAl4Cu1)
Temperature range -30 ?C to +85 ?C