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Penn Elcom - R8400 Series Flat Pack Rack System.

SKU R8400-06

Flat Pack / knock-down Rack System with Square Hole Rails (R8400 Series) or 10/32 UNF Threaded Rails (R8500 Series).

- Use R0856K for rack shelf support.
- Suitable fasteners for racking equipment are S1170, SM6/HP.
- Can be fitted with castors or M8 adjuster feet (not included).
- For light duty, use R8480 castor set.
- For larger systems use W0980 and W0980/B or W0990/80 and W0985/80.

Part No. Finish Size (U) Height Depth Internal Depth Weight
R8400-06 Black 6U 320.1mm  480mm 450mm 10.5kg
R8400-08 Black 8U 409mm 480mm 450mm 14kg
R8400-10 Black 10U 497.9mm 480mm 450mm 15.5kg
R8400-12 Black 12U 586.8mm 480mm 450mm 17kg
R8400-16 Black 16U 764.6mm 480mm 450mm 21kg
R8400-20 Black 20U 942.4mm 480mm 450mm 25kg
R8400-24 Black 24U 1.12m 480mm 450mm 29kg
R8400-28 Black 28U 1.27m 480mm 450mm 33kg
R8400-35 Black 35U 1.61m 480mm 450mm 37.5kg