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K&M - 14080-000-55 - Piano Bench.

SKU 14080-000-55

This advanced piano bench offers the pianist pure comfort. Built-in pneumatic springs allow the height of the bench to be adjusted while sitting comfortably. Your preferred sitting position can be found in no time at all with the easy-to-use adjustment handle. The compact steel construction and large round floor protectors make this attractively designed bench extremely stable. Excellent sitting comfort is achieved by a wear-resistant imitation leather seat covering for enjoyable and relaxed piano playing.

Base dimensions: 660 x 370 mm
EAN: 4016842822645
Height: from 450 to 600 mm
Height adjustment: pneumatic spring
Material: steel
Seat: imitation leather covering, size 660 x 330 mm
Size when folded: 660 x 380 x 455 mm
Special features: height adjustable by built-in pneumatic springs; easy-to-use adjustment handle
Type: black imitation leather
Weight: 12 kg