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Sommer Cable - Titanex 2.5mm - Rubber Sleeve Power Cable

SKU 700-0101-0325TI

***Price Is Per Meter***

You won???t make a mistake...

if you go with the flow, for the H07RN-F rubber jacket lead is one of the best-selling cables on the world market. It can be used as a power line for audio components, spotlights and heavy machinery (mechanical engineering) and outdoors as well. This cable is very robust, highly flexible and has an extremely wear-resistant and durable Polychloropene jacket.

Approved according to VDE 0282, Part 4/HD 22.453, in conformity with the EC Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EWG.


  • Extremely dependable due to flame-retardant Polychloropene jacket
    (polychloroprene rubber)
  • Very flexible owing to fine litz wire stranding in compliance with VDE 0293
  • Also suitable for outdoor use


  • Power lead for all types of electrical appliances
  • Audio technology (light dimmers, spotlights, amplifiers, racks ...)
  • Mechanical engineering and agricultural machinery


Article number 700-0101-0325TI
Name Titanex ??
EAN 4049371182546
Application area Installation
Application area Mobile outdoor / indoor
Application area Stage / live
Application Rubber Sleeve Cable
Colour black
Colour detailed black
Construction H07RN-F 3x2,5mm??
Jacket material rubber
Jacket ?? [mm] 12,50
Number of Channels (power) 1
Inner conductor (power) 3
Inner conductor (power) [mm??] 2,50
Inner conductor ?? (power) [mm] 1,78
AWG (power) 13
Conductor insulation material rubber
Weight per 1 m [g] 235
UV-resistant yes
Style variant round
Packing bulk stock
Temperature min. [??C] -30
Temperature max. [??C] 60
Width [mm] 12,5
Height [mm] 12,5
Insulation resist. per 1 km [G??] 0,001
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet [G??] 0,0003
Insulation resist. per 1km (power) [G??] 0,001
Insulation resist. per 1000 feet (power) [G??] 0,0003
Test voltage [V] 2000
BPVo-Euroclass Fca