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Velcro - 20019 - Hook 25mm Wide. Use with Loop Side - 14847

by Velcro

25 mm wide.

Heavy duty Adhesive backed hook High Strength molded hook designed for strong hook attachment arrowhead hook design.

Acrylic based Adhesive PS172 comprises 91 arrowheads per square inch comprises double the strength in peel and shear strength when compared to woven hook.

 Quality product manufactured in USA.

 SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS Holding mats and carpets in place on loop pile carpet. Fixing trim panels, headboards in caravans etc Installation of feature wall or ceiling panels abrasive attachment on equipment Yacht Building, Automotive headlining and trim applications Industrial assembly Fixing electronic modules and signage Securing office partition panels and screens Earthquake safety Industrial Polishing and cleaning attachment systems.

INFORMATION Moulded arrowhead hooks, formed through a patented process of continuous injection moulding. Moulded hook products offer the advantage of increased holding strength; derived from the hooks being moulded into a non-flexible configuration so that the hook does not yield when mated to the loop.

This product suits more permanent style applications. A moulded nylon hook tape component can be mated with woven nylon or polyester loop forming a closure which is almost twice the fastening strength of the "standard" woven nylon hook and loop.