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ARX - Remote Switcher - Remote A/B Switcher DC Controlled

by ARX
SKU Remote Switcher

Remote Switcher

The simplest ideas are usually the best! ARX's new Remote Switcher is a stereo Input signal switcher for the extremely popular Audibox range.

The new Remote Switcher silently switches between two pairs of A or B female XLR inputs to a stereo pair of XLR male output connectors.

ARX ‘SoftSwitch’ technology achieves this with no loud bangs through the audio system when switching.

Input Channel control can be selected in 2 ways:

Mode 1 by remote switch / relay closure (using an external power pack / wall wart), or

Mode 2 by 12 - 24VDC supplied from an EWIS panel or similiar.

Typical applications include switching between Audio Systems, and EWIS emergency announcements. With no DC voltage applied, Input A, the default normal audio signal is selected.

When +12 – 24VDC is applied to Pins 3 and 4 on the Dinkle type connector, then Input B, carrying Emergency announcements, alarm signal etc is selected.

Another useful application is remotely switching between Live Band or DJ when both are using the same Audio Speaker system.

Note - Connectors are inserted in the top of the unit. Please allow adequate space above the Remote Switcher to allow for the connectors to be removed and / or replaced. 


Frequency Response: 10Hz to 50KHz + - .5dB
Power Requirements: DC Input +12 – 24 VDC Connector 2.5mm center pin
Remote Switch and External Input:

4 Pin Dinkle type socket, 5mm pin spacing. Connector supplied with unit

Pin 1 and 2 Remote Switch – Open Input = Channel A selected, Closed Input = Channel B selected.

Pin 3 and 4 Remote DC control – Pin 3 +12 - 24VDC Pin 4 0VDC / Gnd

Input Connectors: Female XLR, Wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold
Output Connectors: Male XLR, Wired Pin 1 Audio Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold
Chassis Ground/Earth: Via Pin 1's on Left Channels
Construction:  All-steel polyurethane coated chassis, fibreglass PCB