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Schill - HT485-SW

by Schill

Roll over Beethoven...

or anyone else for that matter. These are the official cable reels for musicians, sound-men, and broadcasting technicians. The handle is so constructed that there is plenty of room between you and the reel, therefore your legs will never get hit. These reels are resistant to chemicals, gasoline, and oil. All reels are equipped with a brake. They have a large winding core, a cable infeed resistant to bending, and an effective strain relief for sensible cable handling. Models GT310 and GT450 have a rell made of almost indestructible black solid rubber. It is especially recommended for everyday use on stage.
The reels are empty, i.e. they are delivered without cable and cover.?


Article number HT485-SW
Name HT485-SW
EAN 4013046370521
Type Kabeltrommel
Material metal
Core-? [mm] 178
Outer-? [mm] 460
Wind. width [mm] 210
Wind. length max. at ? 7,0 mm [m] 600
Wind. length max. at ? 8,0 mm [m] 442
Wind. length max. at ? 9,0 mm [m] 345
Wind. length max. at ? 12,0 mm [m] 187
Wind. length max. at ? 14,0 mm [m] 150
Wind. length max. at ? 20,0 mm [m] 67
Wind. length max. at ? 26,0 mm [m] 40
Wind. length max. at ? 30,0 mm [m] 28